Long Way Down Summary

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds is a simple story of a young man Will who looses his brother Shawn to gun violence. Now Will, has a difficult decision to make as he comes from a community. Now, many of us come from communities where we have rules to follow. Will has to decide whether or not he wants to follow the rules. One of the rules unfortunately is to take revenge of his brother’s death.

He gets on an elevator and the entire story takes place in 67 seconds on an elevator, as he goes from his floor to the ground floor. The ending of the book tells you which route he takes, if he decides to follow the rules or makes his own rules.

Now, the most important and unique element of this book is that the entire story of 306 pages/ 85000 words takes place on an elevator in 67 seconds. This is quite hard to believe, but that is the unique quality of this book. This is our version of the Long Way Down Jayson Reynolds Summary.

Long Way Down Jason Reynolds Review

“But if the blood inside you is on the inside of someone else, you never want to see it on the outside of them . The sadness is just so hard to explain”

Jason Reynold

Jason Reynolds Long Way Down is a best selling novel. We would rate this book 4.5/5, for it’s deep message.

The entire book is written in verse to describe the psychic of Will’s traumatised mind. The book is fast paced and it does the job to convey the painful and traumatising situation Will is in.

A long way down Jason Reynolds takes it’s readers through the painful decision making process of Will’s journey on whether or not he chooses to take revenge of his brother Shawn’s murder.

Lastly, the book talks to the readers and makes you question on what would you do if you were in Will’s situation. Jason Reynolds writing is such that it will make you live Will’s character on the elevator, as you read the book.

Decision making can be a hard for young adults. Long way down by jason reynolds showcases how hard it is for a young person who is vulnerable to make a difficult decision. It also makes us as adults understand how sensitive decision making can be for young adults.

It also gives adults the message to pave the way for young people and not burden them with an adamant rule book which is burdened by the society.

Every person is haunted in some way or the other. The concept of haunted does not necessarily mean to be surrounded by ghost. Haunted can also mean having things stick to you and follow you around as you make important decisions.Whatever we say or do sticks on.

Some of us are haunted by our education, some by our parents and others by our peer groups. Everything we say or do sticks around with young people. We as adults should understand that and not say or do anything to scar a young person for a lifetime mentally, emotionally or physically.

Frequently Asked Questions

 * What is the target age group for “long way down’ by Jason Reynolds

Long Way Down is best suited for young adults who are 13 years old and above. It is not for very young children, as this book requires a certain level of maturity to understand.

* What inspired Jason Reynold to write long way down?

When Jason Reynolds was 19 years old, a close friend of his got murdered. That night all of his friends gathered and were planning to figure out who did this to the freind, so that they could take revenge. Reynold mentioned during an interview, that he just remembers the pain, the pain of loosing a dear friend. And that pain, could have led him to plan a murder of the man who killed his friend. That was the first time he met a part of him, he didnt know existed. A part of him, which could lose control and take a drastic step.
Jason in his book Long Way Down talks about this vulnerability that young people have and asks them to think about the right and wrong before taking any difficult decision. It is very easy for young people to loose control, long way down asks young readers to contemplate every decision they make and sparks of a debate on this topic.

* The long way down jason reynolds how long was the elevator ride?

The elevator ride was 67 seconds long

* Long way down movie jason reynolds when is it coming out

Universal has taken the rights for Long Way Down movie jason reynolds best-selling novel is the inspiration behind it.

* What genre is long way down by jason reynolds

Long Way Down belongs to Young Adult Fiction genre

Long Way Down Jason Reynolds Ending explained

Long Way Down Jason Reynolds ending has a subtext attached to it. In the ending, the question “Are you Coming?” is referred to Will to ask him if he is ready to join the dead. That means, if he chooses to follow the “Rules” and take revenge for his brother Shawn’s murder, the ultimate consequence would be his own death.

Here there is a message, that most people do not have the opportunity to think through the consequence of their action and blindly follow rules, which leads them to ruin their own future. Therefore, the ending tells young people to contemplate their decisions before taking any action and not blindly follow rules of the community they represent.

The author Jason Reynolds has made an excellent effort to make readers aware of what consequence their action can bring for young people. And those who work with young people, should be extra careful of the words they say or the actions they do, as it may have ill effect on a young person they are working with. Jason Reylonds intention is for people to care about such things and think deeply about matters which concern young adults.r

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