The Nightingale Book Review – 2021

Genre : Historical Fiction

Author : Kristin Hannah

                        The Nightingale

The Nightingale Book Summary

The Nightingale Book is an amazingly beautiful novel about women in the French Resistance. It is about 2 sisters Vianne and Isabelle who face challenging situations during World War II era, yet emerge as a hero.

The Nightingale (2015 novel) is based in France. The story is inspired by the life of Andree de Jongh, a young Belgian woman who helped soldiers & airmen escape from Belgium which was occupied by Nazi during World War II time.

So many women showed great courage during World War II. These brave women put themselves through nerve recking situations to save others. In return, they had to pay a horrible, incomprehensible amount for their heroism.

Like so many women during wartime, they were largely forgotten at the end of the war. Nightingale is a tribute to these lost war women heroes.

The Nightingale Book Review

The book the nightingale is really jarring to read, you would be spending a great amount of time reading the description of what hardships the characters go through, which will not necessary be a pleasant experience for many.

Through all of their awful encounters, I felt like I was with these characters and I just wanted to protect them from all of it. The people, the sisters in particular, were utterly inspiring. In this awful era, they displayed tremendous courage and I enjoyed seeing how women contributed to the war. This was just a story that resonated with me, truly. In my heart, it has a special place.

Overall the author of the nightingale Kristin Hannah’s writing is so powerful that, the book takes you back in time and you would feel as if you are present during World War II time, and are witnessing this yourself.

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah’s writing is very deep and descriptive. It has the power to take you back in time and make you deeply engrossed in the book. I didn’t seem to mind that the story was slow as I really enjoy novels with strong characters.

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah writes so descriptively that I felt as if I’m breathing the air in France. The book really painted France’s atmosphere in my mind. Every line was rich in detail, and you could tell thorough research of that time had been done

The Nightingale novel made me get engrossed in the story very quickly and it is difficult to not complete the book, once you start reading it.

This is also one of the very few books, which made me so exhausted with the torture the characters go through, that I felt the need to close nightingale the book, take a moment, breathe and again get back to the book.

The nightingale book has pages and pages of description which is not for the faint heart, yet can be an eye opener for those who have never read a book on the word war II era.

The two sisters experience almost anything possibly associated with World War II in France over the course of the book.

Kristin Hannah states in interviews that the story was inspired by real-life resistance efforts of Andree de Jongh, a young Belgian woman who helped Allied airmen escape from Nazi occupied Belgium during World War II. Andree had organized and led the Comet line which helped soldiers escape Belgium.

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah states in her interviews that the heroism of the women of the French Resistance captured her imagination.

For these lost women heroes, there were no parades, very few medals, and almost no mention. Nightingale the book is an attempt to give a salute to these unsung women war heroes.

Should you read The Nightingale ?

I would highly recommend this book to all those who would like to read a good gripping novel and are ready for a life changing experience.

Novel Nightingale has the power to move you, it can change you in ways that you would be happy that we are not living in war time . It will make you feel gratitude towards the little things in life and you would not take your life for granted after you read this book.

The book nightingale is not a romantic novel. The description of romance between the characters is short and doesn’t really tell a love story. If both romances had been better established and the characterisation had been greater, it would have made me completely be in awe of the novel.

The Nightingale Book Review by Readers

Reviews of the nightingale by kristin hannah are very positive. Most people, have got so engrossed in the story that they have cried with the ending.

Below are some reviews of the nightingale novel by the readers

  •                                                  Kristin Hannah The Nightingale Reviews

Kristin Hannah The Nightingale Reviews are extremely positive.

The Nightingale Parents Guide

The focus of The Nightingale is not on violence but on the zeal to survive despite being put under strenuous situations.

The book contains some references to love making scenes between husband and wife. It also has a rape scene. But these scenes are not descriptive and can be easily skimmed through by the reader.

The Nightingale is recommended for children above 10 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Nightingale Book

Is the Nightingale book based on a true story?

No, Nightingale is a Historical Fictional Novel and is not based on a true story. Though it is inspired by events and women during the world war II  ra, this is not a based on true story book.

The Nightingale is inspired by the life of Andree de jongh. Her experiences during world war II are specified in the book. Andree de Jongh is known for organising & leading the Comet Line to help soldiers and airmen escape Belgium which was occupied by Nazis during World War II time. She escorted 118 people, including more than 80 airmen, from Belgium to neutral Spain between August 1941 and December 1942, from where they were transported to the United Kingdom.

Is Carriveau France a real town?

If you have just finished reading “The Nightingale” and are wondering is Carriveau France a real town ? Then let me tell you it is not a real town. It is a Fictional Town. Infact, in the book they also mention, this town is close to ‘the small village of Oradour-Sur-Glane which does not exist

Where can I buy Nightingale

Amazon the Nightingale is available there.

What is the book The Nightingale about

The Nightingale is a historical fiction novel. The novel is based in France, during the World War II time and is inspired by the life of Andree de Jongh, who had created an escape route out of Nazi-occupied France. It is a story of 2 sisters Vianne and Isabelle who stay in different places, yet are very close to each other.

How many chapters in The Nightingale

There are 39 chapters in The Nightingale

Who wrote the book Nightingale

Kristin Hannah is the author of The Nightingale novel

What reading level is the nightingale?

The Nightingale is at 5.2 ATOS reading level, that means the text can be easily read and understood by 5th grade student who is in the 2nd month of school.

Is the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah going to a movie?

Yes, the movie The Nightingale is scheduled to release on 22nd December, 2021. Melanie Laurent is the director of the film. The movie stars Dakota and Elle, the Fanning sisters.

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