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My Dad has diabetes and that’s why I know how it feels to live with Diabetes. You need proper meal times, you cannot skip your sugar medicines ever and you constantly need to watch out what you eat.

Are you tired of living your life with Diabetes? And want freedom from it forever? Here is your chance.

What is Smart Blood Sugar? Smart Blood Sugar is a book that teaches you how to take care of diabetes with food. There are high chances that you can reverse your diabetes with food and this book teaches you how to do that.

Smart Blood Sugar by Dr Marlene Merritt is the hope for you to be able to reverse diabetes and live a diabetes free life. Even if you crave sugar, you will not be able to have sugar as you have diabetes.

Doctor’s have told you cannot get rid of diabetes! As they believe in science but let me assure you. You can get rid of diabetes. It is possible. Smart Blood Sugar by Dr Marlene Merritt is a book about how to reverse diabetes with food.

“Smart Blood Sugar” book will help you keep your diabetes in check for sure.

Smart Blood Sugar by Dr Marlene Merritt Reviews

Many people have got excellent results from the Smart Blood Sugar Book. Read the SmartBloodSugar reviews for yourself. Smart Blood Sugar Book has helped people lowered their A1C from 10 to 6.7 in matter of 2 weeks. Isn’t it crazy that this is possible?

Smart Blood Sugar Reviews Below reviews are very positive, read the SmartBloodSugar 2021 reviews yourself below

Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2021

The three eating rules that reduced my A1C from 8.2 to 6.7.

5.0 out of 5 stars

I’m diabetic form 2. My A1C was 8.2 before I read this book; now it is 6.7. I didn’t buy any of her vitamins, but I did follow the book’s guidelines for eating. I’m really pleased with the outcome. I didn’t shed any pounds. However, I ate extremely well. I never went hungry because I snacked on beef jerky, turkey jerky, bbq pork rinds, and plain and salted nuts all the time. No bread was one of my major improvements. I buy flax or bran pitas from Joseph’s and use them as bread. A half-pita contains 5 grams of carbohydrates. I either fill them with meat and cheese and mayo, or I melt the cheese and serve them with a fried egg and cheese and sausage. I don’t hold back when it comes to the good things. In addition, I’ve stopped eating flavored yogurt. Simple yogurt has never appealed to me, but adding monk fruit sweetener and fresh berries transforms it into something delicious. In addition, 1 cup of plain 2% yogurt contains 23g of protein.

Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2020

I’m on the right track now

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is the most useful book I’ve ever read on the subject of high blood sugar. My doctor told me that if my AIC didn’t drop in the next three months, I’d have to start taking insulin. I became serious. I am a 66-year-old woman. I saw this book advertised on Facebook and was immediately drawn to it, so I ordered it. For my wellbeing, it is my “Bible.” This book taught me that changing my path is possible. I followed Dr. Merritt’s diet and fitness recommendations to a tee, and I joined a gym. My AIC had dropped from ten to six just two weeks ago!

What is the smart blood sugar plan

Smart Blood Sugar Plan talks about making changes to your diet in a way that you can control your diabetes naturally. And you can decrease your A1C levels naturally without having to do much

Dr Marlene Merritt Smart Blood Sugar Plan talks about how you can reverse your diabetes with food. Food has the power to kill diabetes and the book talks about that.

Smart Blood Sugar by Dr Marlene Merritt Summary

Smart Blood Sugar Merritt pointers, what will you read inside the book?

  • Secret Herbs that can Reverse diabetes
  • Smart Blood Sugar Plan to Kill Diabetes
  • WHAT Foods you should be having to control diabetes
  • “Healthy” Foods that are causing Insulin Spikes
  • Why “yoyo” dieting & very healthy diet is spoiling your health and giving you diabetes
  • Foods you didn’t know can help diabetes

Dr. Marlene Merritt Diabetes Expert

Marlene Merritt is a certified Doctor. She has a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine and is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She has also received a Master degrees in Human Nutrition with an emphasis on Functional Medicine from the University of Bridgeport, and is a Certified Practitioner in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is also certified as a practitioner in the Bredesen Protocol for reversing cognitive decline, as well as a board certified Bariatric Counselor. In addition to a full-time clinical practice, she and her husband lecture nationally to healthcare practitioners all over the U.S. and in Canada on issues ranging from diabetes, endocrine dysfunction, cardiovascular issues, blood chemistry, nutrition, and nutrition research.


Smart Blood Sugar book teaches you the simple blood sugar fix you have been ignoring all your life.

Do you know that every cell of the body, regenerates itself over time and when diseases like cancer is reversible than what is blood sugar.

Food can cure anything and the simple blood sugar fix that smart blood sugar book teaches you will completely change your life.

So, what are you waiting for? You can download the SmartBloodSugar free today from the below link

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